Motivational Speaking

My words will MOTIVATE you, but my story will INSPIRE you!

Jerod Ward is an extremely accomplished motivational and inspirational speaker. He has made appearances and has done speaking events for various organizations, foundations, charities, corporations and more. Jerod Ward tailors his philosophy to his specific audiences while keeping his core message, which is Never Be Average. Simply put, with discipline, dedication and drive absolutely nothing is impossible. Please contact Jerod Ward for more information on scheduling him for a speaking event and fee rates.

Keystone Topics
  • Eat Adversity
  • Never Be Average
  • 3 C’s to Success
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
Motivational Slogans from Jerod Ward
  • CHAMP – Changing Habits And Making Progress
  • G2S – Grind 2 Shine
  • DBA – Daring Believing Achieving
  • NBA – Never Be Average



Jerod Ward is available for all kinds of personal appearances, including meet and greets, autograph signings, personal appearances for special events including a Q & A period. Jerod Ward also does many apperances for charities around his community.